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The Charity Classic Vehicle Club

The prime movers for the formation of the Charity Classic Vehicle Club were originally involved in the organisation of a very successful fund raising event in July 2000. This project was a combined effort between an established classic car club and The Rotary Club of Billericay Mayflower. Including the income from the raffle of a 1925 Ford Model T, the event raised over £26,500 for charities.

The success of this event led the main organisers to consider the potential benefits of establishing a classic car club with the prime objective of fund-raising for charities. The conclusion of their research was that with only one other club in existence in the UK with a similar objective, there was room for a new club.
Thus on January 1, 2001, the Charity Classic Vehicle Club was born.
The main objectives of the club are:-

  • To attend and organise classic car events to enable money to be raised for National and Local charities
  • To arrange tours, social and other meetings

The Club is a multi-make car club and aims to provide a series of quality events throughout the year.